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Strata plan, Australia's most trusted leaders in owners corporation management.

We are dedicated to providing owners corporation solutions that leave a lasting impact and separate us from the rest.

The possibilities are endless and we are dedicated to working toward developing lasting partnerships and happy living spaces for all individuals and residents.


A little more about who we are at Strata

As we are Victoria’s leaders in owners corporation management, we work with Strata titles of all shapes and sizes and our main aim is to assist all of our customers with achieving their desired goals and providing them with a wonderful living space.

If any issues arise, we are the specialists in resolving all problems in an effective and timely manner.

Band-aid solutions are not something we are familiar with, we provide long-lasting solutions to all problems, big or small.

The key to our success is, looking outside of our industry for the best possible outcomes to then provide the best possible resolutions for all of our clients.

Our owners corporation services provide efficient round-the-clock service for any type of issue or concern and work directly with every client to ensure that all their needs have been met.


Inspiring amazing living spaces, only at Strata plan.

We always put our clients first and we are known to build lasting relationships and have excellent customer rapport.

Every contributor to the owners corporation is guaranteed to always have their needs put first.
Our owners corporation management, works under an eco-system function which ensures dynamic outcomes for all.
We are the people’s people, we work through every client, day-to-day, closely, and ensure that they are nothing but content and happy with their living space.
By working with each individual thoroughly, it allows Strata to respond and resolve any issue in a timely and efficient manner.
We pride ourselves on connection and delivering care and understanding when it comes to dealing with our customers at Strata plan.

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Strata plan, the owners corporation managers and specialists that care and understand.

Strata Plan, are dedicated to connecting with every customer and ensuring that all their needs are being met, as well as guaranteeing a happy living space for all. To learn more about what we do at Strata, speak with a member of our lovely team on: 1300 278 728 today.